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15 reasons to celebrate Father’s Day

todayNovember 15, 2022 183

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  1. He gave you life. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with your biological father, you wouldn’t be here without him!
  2. He kept everyone sane during the early days. The pregnancy, labour and newborn phases can be really tough. The chances are your dad had his fair share of hormones and emotions to deal with, and he most likely provided excellent support even when he was struggling himself.
  3. He loves you unconditionally. Dads don’t always show it, but they tend to love deeply and unconditionally. Since he first held you in his arms he has treasured you in his heart.
  4. He reads a great bedtime story. There’s nothing like a dad who can read you a story and do all the voices. Perhaps your own children are now enjoying these voices as you once did!
  5. He worked hard to pay the bills. Many dads are the family’s main or only breadwinner, particularly during the early years. Day after day he got up early, commuted and dealt with the daily grind to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.
  6. He did his best as a role model. No one’s perfect, but most dads try to set a good example for their kids… who seem to be watching closely at all times!
  7. He chauffeurs you around. Even if you’ve left home he’s probably still offering to drop you round a mate’s house or pick you up from the pub at closing time.
  8. He kept you active in your youth. Dads are often the ones who pick up the ball, dust off the bikes or grab the bodyboards when you head out for family fun. Think of all the motor skills you gained and calories you burned off as a result.
  9. He can fix pretty much anything. Fathers tend to have a handy knack of being able to mend things that go wrong without you even having to ask.
  10. He gives unexpectedly sound advice. Often it’s your dad who will take you aside to share a few pearls of wisdom when you need them the most.
  11. He helped you with your homework. Just when you were about to reach the end of your tether, your dad would rock up with his quadratic equation knowledge or his model-building ability to get you past that deadline.
  12. He makes you feel safe. Dads strive to provide a safe haven, making you feel stable and protected. Often the first to step up in a crisis or wrap you in a bear hug, there’s something very special about a dad’s care.
  13. He gives you something to laugh about. Dads usually don’t take themselves too seriously. That means you can take the mick out of him without causing offence!
  14. He reaches into his pocket. If you’ve ever been a bit short on cash there’s every chance your dad managed to find a few quid to help out. And even if he couldn’t, he probably helped take the pressure off in other practical ways.
  15. He encouraged you in your faith. A father’s most important job is to raise his kids to know God and follow him into adulthood. If your dad inspired you in your faith he deserves a big pat on the back.

OK, so there’s a good chance that your dad doesn’t tick all these boxes, but if he scored 3 or more out of 15 you should pull out all the stops anyway this Father’s Day.

If you never knew your dad, he has passed away, or he failed to do any of the things listed above, Father’s Day may be a tricky occasion. If so, it’s OK to grieve the lack of a happy relationship with your own dad, but try to think of someone who has filled the void and champion him (or her) instead. It could be a mum who’s had to play the part of both parents, or a grandfather, uncle or brother. It might be the father of your own children or a trusted church leader. Or perhaps you are the father who is trying to be the best dad for your own kids. If so, let’s hope they have something special planned to celebrate.

Whatever your situation, enjoy the day with those you love and make new memories that will last forever!

Written by: Steven Grimmer

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