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6 Reasons Why Your Teens Aren’t into Church

todayNovember 15, 2022 477

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1. Sunday Christians


The great time that you have at church on Sunday shouldn’t stop there but set the presidence for the week ahead. Why not do Bible study together on a week night or interceed for your family and friends on a Thursday night? This kind of routine will become normality and show your teenagers that Christianity is a lifestyle and not something only reserved for a Sunday morning.



2. Do as I say not as I do


Teens hate nothing more than to be told off for doing something that they have witnessed you doing. If you are a parent who doesn’t go to church, but requires your teens to do so independently, that’s not only hypocritical, but you’re also not setting a good example. Why not make make the decision to go to church as a family and stick to it? This will encourage your teen and will make them feel at ease that they won’t be attending church alone any more, because they’ll have their family with them.


3. Unrelatable


If you only speak in Psalms and hymns and don’t attempt to connect with your teenagers where they are, why would they be interested in connecting with you and the things you’re interested in? Get on common ground with your teen, connect with them and listen to them; you’ll be surprised that this may be the key to re-introducing them to Christ.



4. Family prayer not in the equation


You and your family may get through more prayers on a Sunday than any other day in the week. But why aren’t you seeking God as a family Monday through Friday? There is power when a family  prays together, it keeps the unit connected to God and with each other.


5. One foot in, one foot out​


Teens (although they might not admit it) observe their parents attitudes and behaviours. If you have one foot in your relationship with Christ and the other foot in the world, it will show. This will not only confuse your teens, but it will eventually influence their view of what a relationship with Jesus is like, and unfortunately paint a picture of a half hearted one, where a full commitment isn’t required from them.



6. Perfect Christian Syndrome 


Being honest with your teenagers about your struggles when you were their age and how you dealt with it ‘before Christ’ and ‘after Christ’ is key. How will they ever know of Christ’s power in your life and where he brought you from if you don’t tell them? How will they ever trust that God is an almighty and all powerful Father who can turn things around if you’re not transparent? Ditch the perfect facade and be real with them.


What do I do?


It’s one thing to be an example, but putting on a ‘perfect Christian’ front to your children isn’t helpful. Although you may believe that you’re setting them a good example of what a Christian adult says and does, you have to come to terms with the reality that your teens are different people and will most likely seek and get to know God in a way that is different from you. Plus, you’ve got to remember that you’re a sinner saved by grace and it’s because of your weakness that Jesus’ strength is made known (2 Cor 12: 9).

Written by: Steven Grimmer

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