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How to fit God time into your daytime

todayNovember 15, 2022 5

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First of all, this is the wrong way to look at the issue. God isn’t a genie to be summoned whenever we need something and forgotten about in the weeks and months in between. He should be part of everything we do, not a twenty-minute slot whenever we have the time. But if you’re finding that you don’t know where to start, the following might help.

  1. Reach for your Bible, not your phone. It’s so easy to grab a device and start scrolling whenever we find a gap in our schedules. A few minutes on Insta, a quick status update on Facebook and a scan of the BBC news page and then on to the next thing. What would happen if you spent that ten minutes reading a chapter of the Bible and reflecting on it? It would probably do more for your state of mind than a social media overload.
  2. Stick some worship music on. Whether you’re commuting or cooking, listening to worship music can really change the atmosphere. If you don’t own any, there are plenty of websites that will allow you to listen for free. Why not choose something you wouldn’t normally hear at your church as well as your usual favourites?
  3. Talk to God whenever you can. You don’t have to carve out three hours to pray each day (though if you have the time, go for it!). You can pray on the go – in the shower, walking down the street, in the waiting room – as well as during ‘official’ prayer times. Include him in your day as a child would a parent. Ask for advice, wisdom and opportunities. Thank him for his goodness. Say sorry when you mess up. Don’t save everything up for the end of the day when you’re tired and don’t quite get round to it.
  4. Meet with other Christians. The early Church was all about fellowship. Whether they were having a Holy Spirit moment together or just grabbing a bite, spending time with other believers was a priority. Hang out with people from your church and find out what God is doing in everyone’s lives at the moment. Share new revelations and talk honestly about issues you are facing. Read the Bible, pray and share food together.
  5. Serve other people. Jesus spent so much of his time serving others and meeting their needs. If you want to feel close to God, ask him where you can best serve him. It might be signing up for something at church or volunteering for a local charity, or it could be a less formal strategy of meeting people’s needs wherever he reveals them. This is the gospel lived out, and it will help you in your walk with God as well as benefiting those around you.

Make a habit of inviting God in throughout the day rather than constantly feeling guilty and telling yourself, “I’ll make up for it tomorrow.” Start small if that’s all you feel you can do, and as that hunger for his presence comes back you will naturally find that you have more time for him. Your priorities might even begin to change…

Written by: Steven Grimmer

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