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Which Bible character are you?

todayNovember 15, 2022 1

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Loyal, humble and trustworthy, you protect your friends at great risk to yourself and your future plans. You love your friends and want the best for them, even it means laying down your own glory and aspirations. You are brave when times are tough and tactful when challenged.

Who are you? Jonathan. Read 1 Samuel to find out more.

Persuasive, courageous and a little creative with the truth, you are willing to risk your life to protect those in need and to keep your family from harm. Your morals have been called into question at times, but you are surprisingly shrewd and full of faith, despite living among a generally Godless community.

Who are you? Rahab. Read Joshua 2-3 to find out more.

Impetuous, forthright and courageous, you tend to act first and think later. You’re always the first to take on a new challenge but sometimes you say things you regret. When filled with the Spirit you are a great public speaker, and you are instrumental in transforming the lives of those around you. Willing to learn from your mistakes, you are totally committed to the call of God on your life.

Who are you? Peter. Read the gospels (particularly Matthew) and Acts to find out more.

Loving, faithful and kind, you are always willing to put in the hard graft. No one is more loyal than you, and people know that you are someone to be trusted. You often feel like an outsider, but you’re able to take new cultures, customs and beliefs in your stride. You always put your family first, even when you are suffering yourself.

Who are you? Ruth. Read Ruth to find out more. 

Intelligent, articulate and of good standing, you are not ashamed to preach the gospel whatever the cost. Your past may be a little shaky but you’ve experienced God in a way few others have, and nothing in the world will keep you quiet about it. You love building people up in their faith, training new leaders and giving folk the occasional ticking off.

Who are you? Paul. Read Acts and the Pauline epistles to find out more.

Obedient, reflective and devoted to God, you have been given an amazing purpose and are committed to seeing it through. You give glory to him in all that you do, and those around you are influenced by the promise you carry. Humble and well-versed in scripture, you know that nothing is impossible with God.

Who are you? Mary the mother of Jesus. Read the gospels (particularly Luke) to find out more.

Brave, confident and fiendishly strong, you tend to act on impulse and often regret your actions later. You have a bit of a wandering eye and can be easily manipulated by those you are attracted to, but ultimately you want to do God’s will. When you’re able to resist temptation you achieve mighty things with his help.

Who are you? Samson. Read Judges 14-16 to find out more.

Faultless, selfless and full of compassion, you live to do the Father’s will. You’re prepared to lay everything aside, including your own life, to bring people into a right relationship with God. You bring love, light and abundant life wherever you go, whether you are healing people, teaching the word or washing people’s feet.

Who are you? Jesus. Read the whole Bible to find out more!

Written by: Steven Grimmer

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